The Secret of Shimbashi Soba

Katsuobushi, Sababushi (Bonito & mackerel flakes)(鰹節・さば節):

We import bonito and mackerel flakes from a long-established specialty shop in Japan. Our thickly-shaved Katsuobushi and Sababushi make the ideal full-flavoured broth, a perfect match with the rich Tasmanian buckwheat.


Soba Seeds(そばの実):

We mill top-grade Tasmanian buckwheat seeds using a stone mill at the restaurant. We only mill the amount of flour needed for each day, and nothing more. Thus, our Soba always tastes fresh!



Kaeshi (Soy sauce and sugar mixture)(かえし):

The Kaeshi is a very important condiment that determines the taste of each Soba restaurant. This is our ultimate secret and used in many recipes. Soy sauce and sugar are mixed together and left to age. This process gives the Kaeshi a well-rounded taste.


Soba-yu (Soba boiling water)(そば湯):

Soba-yu is the water left after boiling Soba. It is highly nutritious as vitamins and minerals are dissolved in it. Soba-yu is good for your health and keeps up your energy and spirits. Please ask our staff for Soba-yu. Soba-yu is served with our compliments.







Ishiusu (stone mill)



What Makes Shimbashi Soba So Special?

Made from Premium Tasmanian Buckwheat

Tasmania is an ideal place to cultivate and store buckwheat crops because of its consistently cool temperature. In fact, Tasmanian buckwheat is used in many famous Soba restaurants in Japan.


All Natural Homemade Broth

Soba Broth is made using premium quality Japanese bonito flakes especially shaved for Shimbashi Soba and homemade aged mixture of soy sauce and sugar. No MSG is added.

Freshly Homemade Every Day

Our Soba is homemade by the chef-owner Taka every day. Thus it is so fresh, chewy and flavorful.

What is the secret of “Soba So Good?”

It is because we keep strictly to Hiki-tate, Uchi-tate, Yude-tate – the definition of good Soba.

Hiki-tate: Freshly milled:

We have a Japanese stone mill in our restaurant, which we use to mill only the amount of Soba flour needed each day. This way, only fresh, fragrant Soba is served to all our customers. Using the stone mill may be old-fashioned, but it prevents excessive heat caused by modern mills, producing more fragrant Soba.

Our Soba is called ‘Hikigurumi’, the ideal Soba with a rich fragrance and chewy texture. It is made from a special blend of Soba flour.

Uchi-tate: Freshly made:

Kneading and slicing are important processes in making Soba. Here’s how it is done: Mix Soba flour, wheat flour and the right amount of water, then knead well. Flatten the dough. Slice with Soba-knife. Sounds simple? Don’t be fooled-it requires a skilled Soba craftsman to do this!

If this process is followed strictly, your homemade Soba will have a crisp, solid taste-very different from machine-produced Soba.

Yude-tate: Freshly cooked:

After all the efforts of the Soba craftsman, the Soba’s success depends on how it is cooked.

First, throw the Soba into boiling water from the edge of the pot. Make sure the slices don’t stick to each other. Let it swim around for a while. and once it is cooked. remove straightaway. Dip it into chilled water and rinse well.

This is when the true skill of the Soba master is tested. This final process gives the Soba its soul-this is when its taste comes alive.

But let’s not give away too much before your Soba arrives! Take your time to taste our freshly-made Soba. Here at Shimbashi. we hope you will enjoy our authentic world of Soba!